DIY Carpet Cleaning

Part of our duty as Green Floor Care, a professional green carpet cleaning company, is to make sure our customers are in good hands whether we are there to solve your problems, or if it just over the phone where you may need some advice just until the next time we meet.

It is time for you our dear Green Floor Care customer, to know some DIY carpet cleaning tricks that could become very handy when certain accidents occur.

The most reoccurring carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning accident is some type of pet accident, urine or diarrhea and the safest way to clean the pet stain out while also making sure it does not soak in to the pad and grow bacteria is by using some vinegar and baking soda (more home remedies for carpet cleaning issues could be found here). The vinegar really had a good chance at attacking the bacteria and eliminating odors, while the baking soda would absorb much of the urine or diarrhea accident and not let it sink in to the pad and deeper in to the carpet.

However, those remedies are not long term solutions and we would still recommend to call a professional to deal with it correctly.