Green products

Serving and using biodegradable (green carpet cleaning products) is at high demand for quite a while now, many customers understand the benefits of cleaning with nontoxic and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products due to having pets constantly running with their paws around the house, and having babies and kids playing on the carpet, rugs and upholstery.

At green Floor Care we had noticed that in southern California, and the warm weather of orange county, many of our calls being generated for the purpose of pet accidents. When a dog or a cat chooses to pee, poop or throw up on the carpet, aside of being “disgusting” and smelly, it really does carry much bacteria that sticks to the carpet fibers and pad.

By using our high-potency formula of the “Enzyme” we are able to fight the bacteria and eliminate those risks from your home. The “enzyme” is a live bacteria and completely safe to be around, for that reason we go the extra mile for our customers by locating the best and purest form to give you the best green carpet cleaning you have had.